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This Site is about the Vampire Horse and  is  constantly evolving. Entries are welcome via email and will be posted after the information has been investigated and  the claim is valid.

Largely based on actual encounters with VampireHorses, This historical collection is an attempt to offer validity and promote the breed in general. While there are no immediate fears of preventing them from dying out- (Vampire Horses don't die after all, just like their Human counterparts, they live forever) there have previously been no acknowledgment at all of this dangerously beautiful and Nobel breed over the centuries, indeed it's dark past should be illuminated as some of the greatest horses, including Alexander the Greats' Bucephulas are among the revered Sires who fought alongside Humans and sadly were impaled in warfare. We would like to cast new  light on the History of the VampireHorse,  and compile all the information through research and well documented account and photographs,hoping to appease the enthusiast and help the breed gain in popularity it so richly deserves.


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